Friday, March 27, 2015

do you know r. fitzgibbon?

There's this alarming notion in the gay community that prides itself on being fit, muscular. If you don't fit the stereotype, you are, to some extent, marginalized from that community. Don't fret, though, there are a plethora of "tribes" that you can fall under. Though, the criteria in itself is irrational and will crumble like the recently cancelled Looking. What constitutes a bear? A jock? A twink?

Is Ryan Fitzgibbon a twink?

Monday, March 23, 2015

you say normcore, i say die

A freelance graphic designer-cum-writer-cum-et al recently invited me to her house warming party on the west end of Toronto a few weeks back. I kindly accepted the invitation and arrived fashionably late. I'm still processing the events of that night as to why this post is arriving rather, um, casually not on time. When you think west end of Toronto, you think The Drake Hotel, fixed gear bicycles, a plethora of coffee shops and maybe, normcore?

Is normcore still a trend?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

gayletter is your new favourite magazine

I would like to formally file a complaint regarding the temperature outside of my home. The fucking temperature, appropriate for lets say penguins in Antarctica or Bjork in Iceland, is facilitating my unknown ability to become a reclusive bear who hibernates in the winter and avoids all social contact. With that said, I have more leisure to dust my blinds, Clorox the bathtub and survey a gay magazine. This biannual magazine is called GAYLETTER and my curiosity is nostalgic to my curiosity for cock back when I was seventeen.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

dichotomous shorts, double the fun

You can definitely put me in the category of a person who innately enjoys peacocking his gams come summertime. I am aware of my chicken legs and I flaunt them like I would flaunt my unborn children. The lower the seam, the better, but keep it tasteful. We don't want testicles having their own parade on the streets.

Leave it to Acne Studios to make corduroy nouveau again.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

a case for turtlenecks

London Collections: Men finished off earlier this week championing high-waisted pants for the sake of the male FUPA. In this week's edition of street style, procured from photographer and funny man Tommy Ton, we see men gander the streets like they have somewhere to be sporting turtlenecks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

what do we think of high-waisted pants?

London Collections: Men just wrapped up yesterday to riveting shows of playful construction and experimentation. Which, is what LC:M is synonymous with and will continue to be as a playground for young designers. From the lego faces at Agi and Sam to the dichotomous Moschino. But what I am most aroused by is the selection of high-waited pants.

The male FUPA lives.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

tiffany & co. recruits non-models for gay ad

Tiffany & Co., purveyor of fine luxury jewellery for heterosexual people are now campaigning to capitalize on the rising rates of gay marriage. Is society still hung up on marriage? Will You?

Fuck no. dubbed the campaign "groundbreaking". Yes. It is groundbreaking in that a large corporation is championing for gays to get married. What is not so groundbreaking is the ad itself.

The debut ad features a real-life white New York couple who are non-models, but who actually look like models. They're casually hanging out on the brownstone stoop because that it is what real people do. We touch each other at the knees and don't look at each other.

Who wrote that copy? It is cheesy as fuck.

Tiffany & Co. probably doesn't know the protocols in how gay marriage works. I don't know either, but in heterosexual couples, the norm is that the man proposes. There is hierarchy in this ad. There is a height difference between the models. There is rolling of the sleeves. The more elevated model is most likely the one that proposed to the smiling blonde that looked away and pondered...

"I am a bottom and I submit to you, my top."